News: Government Cloud Now with Added Assurance

cyber-essentials-plus-badge-high-resWith security vulnerabilities making the headlines on a daily basis and the cyber threats facing public services greater than ever before, Sungard Availability Services has been certified with Cyber Essentials Plus for our UK Government Cloud Services offering.

Cyber Essentials is a UK Government-backed, cyber scheme that helps organisations protect themselves against the most common threats found on the internet. To achieve Cyber Essentials Plus, we worked with an independent CREST-backed assessor and had to demonstrate that five technical controls are in place:


  • Boundary firewalls to prevent unauthorised access
  • Secure configuration – setting up systems securely
  • User Access control – restricting access to those who need it
  • Malware protection – using anti-virus software
  • Patch management – updating software

In addition to obtaining Cyber Essentials Plus for our UK Government Cloud Services, Sungard AS offers a host of high quality, resilient cybersecurity services to assist customers with their IT security strategies and to enable them to meet governance and operational demands, such as penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.

Although our Government Cloud services already met the UK Government’s OFFICIAL data security standards, following the 14 cloud security principles as laid out by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), we wanted the additional ratification for our Government Cloud Services’ internal and external infrastructure that comes with Cyber Essentials Plus. Additionally, it is mandatory for public sector suppliers to hold the certification.

Hosted within UK data centres, Sungard AS’ Government Cloud Service is supported by a dedicated UK Sovereign Security-Cleared operations team. Through the combination of consultation, cyber mitigation and Government Cloud Services, Sungard AS can ensure that customers and partners using its services and solutions are fully prepared to deliver secure and robust services required for the public sector.

Commenting on this achievement, Kathy Schneider, CMO, Sungard Availability Services said: “Whilst I have every confidence in the integrity and cyber resilience of Sungard AS’ Government Cloud Service, it means so much more for us, our customers and partners to see this verified by an independent assessor under a UK Government-backed scheme. Cyber Essentials Plus means that even when the headlines report daily breaches and disruptions and recent research shows that 48% of UK organisations face budget challenges when it comes to security, Sungard AS customers can trust that we’re doing all we can to secure their data and systems.”

With Cyber Essentials Plus, PSN Compliance, and ISO 27001 certifications, Sungard AS’ public sector customers can be assured that their availability services partner has a robust, proven and dynamic approach to protect their data, and the people and processes that depend upon it. With G-Cloud 10 set to require mandatory certification against Cyber Essentials, by obtaining the highest available certificate in Cyber Essentials Plus, Sungard AS continues to meet and evolve its services as the Government’s demands of suppliers evolve and the need to address the challenges of digital transformation in the public sector.

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