New Customer Advisory Board Line-up

The Sungard Availability Services Customer Advisory Board (CAB) was revitalised in January this year with the appointment of a new chairman, John Turner, IT Director for the leading mid-tier accountancy firm BDO.

The CAB’s role is to represent the customer viewpoint on existing and proposed Sungard AS policies and procedures and influence the quality, direction and cost of our services to ensure they continue to meet customers’ needs and expectations.

John Turner explains his motives for leading the CAB are not entirely altruistic: “Sungard Availability Services is absolutely at the heart of BDO’s IT provision. Not putting too fine a point on it without Sungard AS we would be sunk. If they don’t do what they’re supposed to do I would be in a world of pain. I take my responsibilities providing these professional services to BDO very seriously and I in turn want my technology partner to be the best they can be. As a CAB member I can effect change and get advance notice of new products and services, which is really useful to us.”

CAB members are Sungard AS customers spanning a wide range of industry sectors, geographic locations and technology usage. Their varied responsibilities – not confined solely to business continuity – and wide-ranging experience means the CAB’s input is greatly valued by us. CAB members are invited to serve for three years, retiring in rotation, but are able to serve a further term by mutual agreement. At all times our aim is to ensure the CAB represents a diverse mix of customers.

Commenting on his plans in the new role John says, “I think the CAB is a fantastic feedback mechanism, giving Sungard AS the opportunity to sound out new products and services in a safe and risk-free environment. For CAB members the regular meetings are a great forum to debate any issues that are bothering them or other customers.”

Your new Customer Advisory Board consists of:

  • John Turner – BDO (Chairman)
  • Ed Higgs – Rentokil
  • Charles Rothwell – Accenture
  • John Frost – Marks & Spencer
  • Jon Summers – Sainsburys Bank
  • Koen Uyttenhove – Transics
  • Lee Webb – Barclays
  • Mario Pascoe – Centrica
  • Matt Gridley – Raymond James Investment Services
  • Steve Conway – Permal Investment Management Services
  • Steve Marwood – Deutsche Bank

All members of the Advisory Board are happy to be contacted with comments or suggestions concerning Sungard AS services or to offer practical advice.

If you’ve got an issue you’d like to raise they can be contacted by emailing

Next Customer Advisory Board meeting: 1 December 2015