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Crisis Communications Masterclass

In an engaging 15-minute session on crisis communications, principal consultant Tom Holloway, who leads on Crisis Communications and Reputation Management for Sungard AS, uses real-life examples of crisis communications failures by companies like Volkswagen, Sony and United Airlines to demonstrate the importance of preparation. He contrasts these high-profile PR failures with US company KitchenAid whose skillful, speedy response to a potentially reputation-damaging threat contained a brewing Twitter storm. He asks would you be able to neutralise a threat to your brand within eight minutes?

Tom cites research by leading law firm Freshfields[1] that, among other shocking findings, shows 28% of crises spread internationally within one hour yet, on average, it takes 21 hours before companies issue meaningful external communications to defend themselves. Perhaps unsurprisingly, more than half of companies struck by a crisis failed to regain their previous share price within a year. Watch the insightful webinar here.


Crisis hot seat survival webinar captureCrisis Hot Seat Survival

Dr Sandra Bell, head of resilience consulting for Sungard AS, talks about how to survive in the Crisis Hot Seat. During the gripping 26-minute webinar she sets out a proven strategy for managing crises that will limit damage; increase the confidence of customers and stakeholders; and reduce recovery time and costs.

In her comprehensive ‘how to’ webinar, Dr Bell takes viewers on an information-packed journey that includes how to distinguish an incident or emergency from a crisis, the key to managing a crisis successfully and some personal survival tips.

Dr Bell shares the benefit of her first-hand experience from a distinguished career in which she has advised the UK government, chaired a BSI committee on Societal Security Management and developed an enterprise-wide risk and compliance capability for a leading business process outsourcing provider. She has also successfully resolved several potential crises ranging from high profile DDoS attacks to severe flooding incidents. Catch her webinar here.


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Four Things Every CEO Should Know About Ransomware

With ransomware growing at an annual rate of 350% according to the Cisco 2017 Cybersecurity Report, Dr Sandra Bell, head of resilience consulting for Sungard AS, tackles the problem head-on in this pragmatic and thought-provoking webinar.

For instance, it’s vital to recognise that unlike other forms of cyberattack, ransomware targets your people – not your IT system, which is merely the delivery mechanism for the ransom note. Criminals use psychological tactics such as guilt and fear to manipulate employees into paying a ransom, which is usually pitched at an affordable level to encourage payment. Watch the webinar here to find out more.


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