Keith Tilley: Could you ‘spring’ back?

Welcome to the spring edition of AVAIL!

You may notice that many of our stories this issue have a common theme: Resilience. As our feature on the growing threat of DDoS attacks – the number one online threat today – demonstrates, whatever business you are in, building organisational resilience has never been more important.

So we bring you news on the expansion of our Sweden data centre that enables us to offer customers the dual-site solution that’s the cornerstone of any effective resilience strategy. Also, a new recovery service for businesses using the Amazon Web Services cloud gives them the peace of mind their business will be back online within 24 hours. Then there’s the dedicated support desk for those who rely on our Secure Government Cloud. And in welcome news, an authoritative white paper reveals resilience is now a board level issue.

In other news, we are delighted to announce plans to replace every single one of our 8,500 PCs across all sites in a major desktop refresh so you will benefit from the latest technology without any increase in fees.

As always, I hope you enjoy this issue and my team welcomes feedback on any aspect of the magazine. Just send your comments to the editor at

Keith Tilley
EVP, global sales and customer services management